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Whitbeck Chiropractic Services

At Whitbeck Chiropractic Clinic, we combine 35 years of clinical experience with the latest technology. A variety of adjusting techniques and therapies are available in our clinic to meet your healthcare needs. Manual as well as low force activator methods are used in spinal and extremity adjustments/treatments.


Zenith Thompson Adjusting Table 

Technological advances in adjusting table design also allow for extremely effective correction of spinal misalignments called vertebral subluxations. This table allows the doctor versatility in using various techniques for spinal as well as extremity adjustments while offering comfort for the patient so the doctor can analyze and properly adjust the patient. It also enables the chiropractor to provide an alternative to forceful or leverage-type adjusting techniques. With minimal force and discomfort for the patient, these adjustments are given utilizing the principles of Newtonian Physics incorporated into the drop mechanisms of the table.



Intersegmental Traction Table

Intersegmental traction therapy helps increase and restore elasticity and motion to the spine which improves the circulation of spinal fluids and increases the blood flow and oxygen to the discs, ligaments and muscles. The table has roller-type cams that gently  travel the length of the spine exercising the spine and stretching ligaments and muscles while the patient is comfortable and relaxed. The result is improved balance, strength and mobility.


Aqua Thermassage

Dry water massage system provides a warm bed of adjustable massaging jets that provide a full-body, soothing massage reliving muscle tension, aches and stress. Research studies have documented the physical, mental and emotional benefits of massage therapy including; increased circulation, oxygen levels and metabolism, reducing blood pressure and increasing lymphatic drainage.

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