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Testamonials and Reviews

Take a look at what out patients have to say about us and their experience.



The entire staff is exceptional in personal customer service. Dr. Whitbeck is very skillfull in keeping my entire body working smoothly and properly. I have been going to him for Chiropractic care for many years and I have always been very satisfied with the level of Professional service that I have gotten. I would very highly recommend them for anyone having any pain or discomfort


Going to the Chiropractor is something I look forward to, especially with Dr. Whitbeck! He cares more than any other doctor I have met before. He not only adjusts your body, but also provides a safe haven to talk about whatever you need to. I am so lucky I was referred to Dr. Whitbeck and his awesome staff! I highly recommend to anyone who wants the absolute best quality chiropractic care. He is very thorough in evaluations and what courses of treatment would be best for your body. He is very intelligent and provided answers about my health no one was able to figure out before. I am beyond thankful and blessed to have found this clinic.


For a GOOD Exam and treatment Dr. Whitbeck is the BEST. He is thorough and addresses all your issues. If you want/need a good adjustment Dr. Whitbeck is the chiropractor for you. If you want to maintain a good healthy spine and overall health and mobility this is the office for you.


Most thorough chiropropractic examination that I've ever had. I've been using chiropractors for 35 +years! I was amazed at the xray study & detail that Bruce described, that he puts into each patient. Bruce also described his success in treating migraine headaches & foot neuropathy. If you have either of these challenges I suggest that you make an appointment? His ability to evaluate your condition, then begin to unlock your body was amazing. It has been a year since my last adjustment. After all was said & done it was time to hit the water bed! Really nice way to end your appointment. Patty, the receptionust was friendly, helpful & very pleasant!


Dear Dr. Bruce and Staff,

" I am including a recommendation and referral letter which is going out to all of my active clients, former clients and future clients. I have been considering this for quite some time and as you recall I suggested that I would like to do this for you if it was OK with you.

I have had a number of incidents with my back which caused me to have problems and a lot of pain over the years. Back in my painting days I fell off several ladders, one being a twelve foot fall onto my feet and onto a cement floor. I also have had three serious car accidents in which I got rear ended. As you discovered I had a lot of signs of old trauma when you did my initial x-rays and consultation.

The above had led me to having to live with a lot of pain and finally culminated in a very frightening situation. As you recall I had numbness and tingling going down both arms and both legs. I have had incidents where I was not able to do anything but crawl and then pull myself up onto a counter due to the pain from my back.

The treatments that I have gotten at the Whitbeck Chiropractic Clinic in the hands of Dr. Bruce Whitbeck have completely removed any numbness or tingling and allowed me to work pain free in my real estate career.

I am living a normal pain free life thanks to the wonderful, caring, gentle and talented care that I get from the Whitbeck Chiropractic Clinic. If you ever have any kind of problem I would very highly recommend that you contact them and let them get you back to living a life that is free of pain. I am sure that they can do the same for you or for someone that you might know that is living with pain. "



Al S.

Dear Dr. Whitbeck,

For about 30 years I have been seeing chiropractors for problems with my lower back. Most would twist and crack my spine in an attempt to relieve the pain. Although I would get some relief, nothing helped much or for very long.

I was really looking for a cure rather than just treatment. I talked with many other back pain sufferers and many suggested surgery of one type or another. I listened but discovered that most had more trouble after the surgery than prior to it.  Some became incapacitated. I wasn't too interested.

Then last year I was referred to you by my chiropractor in Colorado Springs when I planned to spend the winter in the Scottsdale, AZ area.  I listened to your ideas on my ailment and decided that, although you were "treating" me, the end goal was curing my problems. Believing in the methods you were using, I visited on a regular basis starting in January. I remained faithful in my belief that you were improving my twisted spine. 

After I left Arizona in early April, I noticed the improvements that your treatments reaped. First, driving back to Colorado, I discovered that the sciatica (pain  in my right hip and thigh), that had made driving quite excrutiating, was absolutely gone.  Then, as I began my usual lifting chores involved in my work, I realized I no longer had any lower back pain.  In the past, that problem was, at times, debilitating.  I had been bedridden four times from it over the years.

Then I found that I could once again use my right arm which had a rotator cuff injury.  That injury had made it very painful to do everyday tasks as simple as tucking in my shirt, washing in the shower, or reaching anything over my head.  Even sleeping was painful if I rolled onto my side. That problem is nearly gone.

I had a chiropractor in South Carolina, He was a what I call a "quickie back popper" and I am not interested in that. Your treatments are quite intensive and concentrated and that is why they work.

I am very satisfied with the results I have gotten from your chiropractic care!

Thanks. See you in January. 

Al S.


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