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     At Whitbeck Chiropractic Clinic, we combine 35 years of clinical experience with the latest technology. A variety of adjusting techniques and therapies are available in our clinic to meet your healthcare needs. Manual as well as low force activator methods are used in spinal and extremity adjustments/treatments.

      Dr. Whitbeck has also pursued training in the Cranial Release Technique mastery class.

      With our specialized equipment and therapies, we can address your specific health care concerns whether your goal is relief of pain or wellness care.

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument by Neuro-Mechanical  offers the latest technology in adjusting instruments. Its frequency is tuned in to the natural frequency of the body which results in more efficient and effective low force chiropractic adjustments. With its variable force settings it can be used in adjusting all areas of the spine of patients of all ages.


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Zenith Thompson Adjusting Table with Drop Mechanism allows the doctor versatility in using various techniques for spinal as well as extremity adjustments while offering comfort to the patient. Using this table, the doctor can analyze and adjust the patient to correct biomechanical failure and subluxation. 




Intersegmental Traction Table. Intersegmental traction therapy helps increase and restore elasticity and motion to the spine which improves the circulation of spinal fluids and increases blood flow and oxygen to the discs, ligaments and muscles. The table has roller-type cams that gently travel the length of the spine exercising the spine and stretching ligaments and muscles while the patient is comfortable and relaxed. The result is improved balance, strength and mobility.





AquaThermassage dry, water massage system provides a warm bed of adjustable massaging jets that provide a full-body, soothing massage relieving muscle tension, aches and stress.  Research studies have documented the physical, mental and emotional benefits of massage therapy including increasing circulation, oxygen levels and metabolism, reducing blood pressure and increasing lymphatic drainage.


Infrared Light Therapy with a patented FDA approved photonic therapy system promotes a number of physiological affects including increased circulation, repair of damaged tissue, decrease in tissue swelling, more efficient cellular activity, and decreased nervous tissue excitability. This therapy has proven very effective in treating peripheral neuropathy. Some of the many results are reduced pain, cramps, tingling, and numbness, the ability to experience touch without pain, and reduced feeling of cold or burning in the feet and legs, as well as improved sense of balance and coordination ,and improved sleep.  



Cold Laser Therapy is a non-thermal and non-invasive extremely effective healing therapy. It uses a specific wavelength of light that penetrates the skin surface and stimulates the body's natural repair processes which results in faster healing, reduced pain, swelling and inflammation. Research has shown that it is effective in treating many conditions including back and neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, joint pain, skin lesions and many other inflammatory and scarring conditions.  A personal hand held laser for patient use is available with prescription.


Detox Foot Spa by Aqua Detox USA helps the body re-balance, re-energize and detoxify more efficiently.


  Whitbeck Chiropractic Clinic PC
Scottsdale, Arizona

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